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'Titan A.E.' Was A Hail Mary To Save Fox Animation - And It Failed In A Big Way 🌠

Hand-drawn animation in Hollywood may have gone the way of the dinosaurs, but that wasn't always a foregone conclusion. In fact, 2000'sTitan A.E.was meant to be the saving grace for Fox Animation Studios. Instead, it was the final straw that signaled the studio's demise.
Titan A.E. follows the exploits of Matt Damon's Cale Tucker, a human gifted with a map that leadsto a massive space station known as Titan. Secretly constructed by Tucker's father, Titan was intended to be humanity'sonly hope in the event of Earth's annihilation. Joined by a roguish group of other humans and aliens, Cale sets off to find Titan and restore some semblance of optimism for his species.
While interesting on paper, the finished film leaves a lot to be desired. Titan A.E.flopped hard with audiencesandresulted in Fox Animation Studios closing its doors, its directors never working in Hollywood again, and everyone else just wondering what went wrong. Issues with the film range from rushed CGI, contrived plotting, oddly intense scenes, and even whitewashing. YetTitan A.E., box office bomb that it was,still has its charms - not to mention a legion of passionate fans. Unfortunately,its place in history will always be the picture that drove Fox Animation Studios to extinction.

0:00 - Intro
0:00:08 - The Film's Multimedia Tie-Ins Also Failed To Launch
0:00:20 - The Original Production Team Spent $30 Million On Pre-Production Alone
0:00:30 - It Effectively Ended Don Bluth's Hollywood Career
0:00:43 - They Rebuild A Spaceship From Scratch In A Couple Of Days
0:01:38 - The Earth Relics That The Characters Treasure Are More Than A Thousand Years Old
0:01:54 - The Voice Cast Is Working A Lot Against Type
0:02:07 - Some Of The Visual Effects Look Like They Were Pulled Straight From A Microsoft Sound Visualizer
0:02:18 - There's A Sizable Body Count
0:03:14 - The Visuals Were Meant To Look Like A Graphic Novel
0:03:26 - Fox Animation Studios Closed 10 Days After The Film Was Released
0:03:36 - Drew Barrymore Voices An Asian Character
0:03:44 - The Soundtrack Is A Weird Mix Of '00s Alt-Rock Tracks
0:03:58 - The CGI And 2D Animation Are Far From Seamless


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